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Each Equator will be certified in accordance with the FAR Part 23, category normal.

Some Technical Data

2-4-6-8-10 seater up to 12 passengers (20 seats in the commuter version)
Landplane with fixed or retractable gear
Single or Twin - Amphibian
Push or Pull Configuration
Pressurized Cabin Low Floor Cabin
Wide Body Class or Cabin Class

Piston Engine up to 475 hp Avgas or Diesel
Turboprop up to 1350 shp (dual-pac)

Speed: up to 340 kts
Service ceiling: up to 36000 ft
Range: up to 5000 nm
Gross Weight: up to 8000 lbs
Useful Load: up to 4480 lbs

Special Versions for Special Operations

A panoramic vision glass cabin, including a picture window in the floor for watching, observation, inspection, exploration, prospecting, surveying, reporting, sightseeing, and photography with optical qualities. As bushplane with oversize wheels or Tundra-tires or as a skiplane.

Paramilitary use for SAR - Coast Guard - Patrol and Control with Protection - Reconnaissance and Surveillance - Law Enforcement - Training - Liaison with Logistics - Agriculture - Oil-spill response - Ship to Shore resupply - Water Bomber - Firefighting etc